How do we Clean Upholstery?

1. We identify fiber type.This is a very important step that could determine the ending results.

2. Vacuum is the best way to get rid of suface dust.

3. After Vacuuming we Pre-Spray an Agent that will allow all the dust, pollen and alot of other things that are hidding in the furniture to be brought to the surface.

4. Then we brush your furniture with a special brush that is soft and won't hurt youre furniture

5.We extract the pre-spray and the dust, pollen and the rest of the dirt. This insures that their wont be any resoiling. Many other companies do this step but dont add a detergent that will allow your furniture to smell good but not only that, it encourages the furniture to keep its natural color.

6. The Drying process is an essential part to the ending result. The drying process can take 2-3 hours to a whole day, all this depends on how dirty the furniture was. ​